Saturday, May 28, 2011

What is it With Buildings and Fire?

It shouldn’t be this hard to find one person, even in a large city like this. It’s not as though Javert exactly blends in. A black trench coat, over a black police uniform, in the middle of Central Texas summer? Perhaps the reason I haven’t been able to find him is because he collapsed from heat exhaustion while trying to look cool in his heavy clothes. But maybe I’m giving the man too much credit for his hide and seek skills. He does have supernatural assistance.

Now, there was something else I was supposed to mention here that didn’t have to do with Javert…. Something important…. Hm…. What could it be….

Oh, yeah, Setoth’s apartment burned down.

Happened yesterday. I’d just been wandering back from another fruitless day trying to find Javert, when I saw the fire. It was consuming the building at a pretty rapid pace; it was only chance that Setoth had been outside at the time, and thus wasn’t caught in the blaze. We left before the fire department arrived, as neither of us really wanted to try and explain our situation to them.

So, now we’re living in the empty tomb that is my parent’s house. And yes, tomb is a very appropriate word. There isn’t a sign that anyone has been inside it since I left. Dust covers everything, half the lights don’t work, and there’s constantly this unnatural echo. When I questioned the neighbors, none of them remembered anyone living inside the house. They didn’t even recognize me, though I’d lived there most of my life (but then again, that may be because the last time any of them saw me, I didn’t have facial scarring and still had the time to shave). It’s all just a big, creepy, unsettling situation.

Really not sure I like staying here. It does have certain advantages: plenty of food still in the pantry, air conditioning, I get to sleep on a real bed instead of just a mattress, and I raided the kitchen knives for weapons. But even so, this place has too many connections to the old me. Back when I was weak, and tried to hide my fear with empty boasts. But if I have to put up with those memories, then I will. No! I won’t just put up with them! I will use the memories of my old self as proof of how far I have come since that day! And they shall serve as the motivation for me to become EVEN STRONGER!

Far too motivated to keep typing now. Going to go and prepare for Javert’s inevitable defeat at my hands.



  1. Shit...
    Did anything valuable get lost in the fire?

    And good luck with getting stronger. There's no doubt that in a fair fight you'd kick Javert's ass. Of course, there's no way in hell either of you is going to play fair...

  2. I didn't lose anything valuable, as my worldly possessions consist only of this laptop, my clothes, my sword, and that car I stole. Setoth, now, he lost some stuff in the fire.

  3. He probably lost his absinthe, too.

    That's... Really not fun, though. Good luck. I'd offer you guys a place to stay, but I'm 200 miles away and I'd rather not get my family involved with this stuff.

  4. Well at least that's something...

    Did Setoth lose anything that might help against Him? What about something that he really valued? Do you know?

  5. The Mad Ventriloquist doesn't really like fires. They burn things. Which makes sense. At least no dying happened.

    The Mad Ventriloquist wishes Arkady luck with his motivation and attempts to find Javert.