Thursday, June 16, 2011

Operation Wintergreen...

…is a stupid name for a blog. But my suggestion, “Arkady and the Arkadyettes”, was vetoed, so that’s what we went with in the end.

After experiencing a bout of shenanigans, Kal and Michenab came to Texas to meet Setoth and I. The four of us are now traveling together, and for the sake of convenience, we’re all moving over to a single blog. That blog is the aforementioned “Operation Wintergreen”, which can be found here.

And did I mention the kids? Yeah,we've got a near comatose eight year old girl and a twelve year old boy with anger issues. Baby sitting is not what I signed up for when I joined this.

To be honest, I’m starting to miss my lightning banner and storm wallpaper already.



  1. Though I must admit Arkady and the Arkadyettes is sooo post punk.

  2. Oi depressing. Try not to murder anyone~
    Well, at least leave Setoth alive.

  3. Arkadyettes sounds like "cigarettes," almost.

    Or maybe I need more sleep.

    In any case, have fun babysitting, and try to survive.