Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Given that our favorite sufferer of anorexia has decided to move to a more intimate stage in our relationship, I felt that it has become necessary to apply more defensive measures to protect the sanctity of my privacy.

I do hope he gets the message.



  1. I'm sure he will. Good luck with the new level your relationship has taken.

  2. Thats a great effort mate, only thing is, I don't think that symbol means what you think it means. Not that I know either, I never saw it before I got my blog. It's new maybe. I just don't think it keeps him away, else why would only the hunted draw it?

    Red is a good colour choice on the tape though, my favourite!

  3. Either it keeps him away, and thus I have created a mighty barrier in my room while simultaneously flipping him off.
    Or it's his mark, and I get to have the enjoyment of desecrating it so that I may taunt him.
    In either scenario, I am the victor here.

  4. Repellent. Smart. It most likely won't save you. But still, smart.