Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Lack of Introductions

An introduction is necessary after the initial hook, I imagine. That is how these things generally go. It’s in this place where I’m supposed to provide a full and detailed introduction of both myself and whatever setting we will be exploring through this text.

But here I seem to be in the business of making terrible first impressions on my audience, so I think I will sidestep those tasks for the time. My most sincere apologies to all who may be reading, but I intend to begin this tale in media res. Certainly an unprofessional start, but the events of life rarely follow that of a proper narrative’s three act structure.

The requirement of providing my name and description of self is the first which I shall be deftly dodging. Some of you know me though you do not know it, and others do not know me and will continue to not know me for the foreseeable future. I prefer things to be that way. As for the name I have taken, anyone with a taste for 19th century Russian literature will no doubt immediately be able to achieve the correct conclusion that it is an alias.

But what is the purpose of this blog? It is just one more of an increasingly large canon, another story of clawing for survival against the unstoppable force of a faceless monster. A tale of paranoia and fear, where masked madmen hunt their prey on the behest of their omnipresent master, eyeless symbols adorn the walls of victims who found out too late the cost of their knowledge, and black tentacles writhe through the foggy forests, beckoning one to walk into their fiery embrace.

There are those amongst you who understand perfectly well what I am speaking of. Those that do not would find it in their best interests to close their browser window at this moment, and go do something pleasant, like enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate as you sit by the window and listening to the birds sing. The peace and content that you feel can make up for the lack of it that we in the former category are experiencing.

Today marks the eighth day since our tall adversary’s first appearance to me. His actions thus far have remained limited to the usual modus operandi of appearing in the background of any scenery I happen to be viewing, and standing very still in a foreboding manner. We still appear to be at the stage in the game where he hasn’t begun overtly aggressive actions against my person, which makes the situation perfect for a test I hope to run. It’s like a little science experiment, you could say.

I want to see what happens when I chuck a frickin’ huge rock at Slender Man’s head.


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