Saturday, March 19, 2011


This is terrible. A tragedy, a complete tragedy. I can barely find the words needed to describe this.

Setoth has no milk in his refrigerator.

How am I supposed to have a complete breakfast without a glass of milk? This goes against everything those commercials taught me a real breakfast should be like when I was a kid! (You know the ones. They would show a glass of milk and orange juice, a muffin, a banana, maybe an egg, and a box of sugar labeled “cereal”).

All we’ve got to drink here is Setoth’s absinthe, and he guards that more carefully than his life. Therefore, on principle, I picked the lock on the cabinet and tried some while he was at class. It tastes terrible; never going to try that again. If he wants the absinthe to himself, he can have it.

Which still leaves me without a breakfast drink. Setoth has made it abundantly clear that he isn’t going to buy me everything I demand, which means acquiring a bottle of milk is a task which I must complete alone. Though this leaves me with the dilemma of how to acquire this bottle: should I simply steal one from a store, or choose the more indirect path and steal the money needed to purchase one?

Also. The tall guy. It’s been relatively quiet on that front. Since Porfiry was caught in the fire, we haven’t seen any proxies, or otherwise suspicious people, following us. As for Slender Man itself, no direct sightings. Sometimes one of us would briefly see a shadow in the distance that might be Slendy. Or it might not. It’s a horribly disappointing situation; can’t Mr. Man see that I want to play with him?

I intend to avoid the mistakes I made in the previous lull, however. I’m staying on guard, and keeping in shape. I won’t be caught surprised by some guy charging at me with a knife. Setoth’s been doing a lot of research and reading, or whatever it is he does. I tend to leave that to him; while I’m all for learning about Slendy, I plan to stay out of the weird occult stuff going on.

All in all, things seem uncharacteristically optimistic here. Which means I should probably be preparing for some major crisis.



  1. arkady

    just wanted to say

    that ive enjoyed

    reading your blog

    even if

    i havent said much

    on it

  2. Fine. Since it bothers you *so* much I'll stop by the HEB nearby and pick up some milk for you tomorrow. You'll have your delicious cereal by Monday morning! :D

    But if you ever touch my absinthe again, I will break both your arms, lock you in a cage, and use you as Slenderbait for my next experiment. Lest you forget, I'm pretty good with that oar.

    p.s. if you drank it straight from the bottle, you're doing it wrong.

  3. ooooh, that sounds horrible that you don't have milk! :c i would give you some but we aren't with each other right now.

  4. Thankfully, that wouldn't be necessary, as this disaster has been averted. Setoth went and bought another gallon. We should be safe for a while.

  5. But what will you do when the Milk is gone? It would seem as though you can only avert your woes for a while. Drink drink drink up.