Monday, March 7, 2011


Amazing how a situation can turn around.

The rational actions for me to have taken would have been to conserve my laptop’s battery power as much as possible, only going online when absolutely necessary. Instead, I kept surfing the Slenderblogs. Not sure what I was hoping to find; I wasn’t exactly thinking my straightest right after the last encounter.

But luck has been oddly gracious towards me. Through the power of clicking link after link, I’ve found that I am not the only one in the city of Austin who has some connection with our faceless monster. Meet Setoth, another of the dozens of college aged people who are being stalked. His real name is Damien. Yeah, like the guy from Dreams in Darkness. Except without the badass alternate personality.

From what I gathered when I skimmed over his blog, he’s really big into the occult. A lot of stuff to do with Crowley and magick (the extra k is what makes it different than Harry Potter, apparently). He thought he’d be a cool kid and prove that Slender Man doesn’t exist by doing some vague summoning ritual thing to draw Slendy to him. A few days later, he’s being chased through the fog by black tentacles. Smooth move there, mate.

Anyways, while I was reading through his posts, I noticed that he’s a student at St. Edwards University. St. Edwards University happens to be conveniently located in downtown Austin. I got into contact with him, and after some discussion, he’s agreed to give me a place to spend the nights at. We met on Sunday, and for the first time in weeks, I’ve gotten a good night’s sleep. It was on an old mattress that was thrown onto the floor, but that’s still infinitely better than heaving to curl up in the back seat of a tiny car. Plus I got my laptop charged up, took a shower, washed my clothes, and had food. Real food. Not stuff I picked up from a convenience store, but a genuine meal.

The plan which we appear to have worked out is for me to stay outside in the city during the day, and only come back to his apartment at night. Works for me, as I’d rather not stay inside some random person’s home all day long.

And I know that gift horses are a thing whose mouth you are not supposed to look into, but I just have to say this…. Setoth is hilarious. Not saying he’s a funny guy. No, it’s his reaction to this mess which I find amusing. The kid’s panicking like crazy. He’s got papers with these crazy symbols drawn on them taped up all over the walls and windows, claiming it will act as protection. And he’s always glancing out the windows. It’s like Jason all over again!
Though I suppose I need to keep this one alive longer than I did with Jason. He is my current source of food, after all. Shame he’ll probably be dead or insane by the end of the month. Unless he uses his MAGICK to hit Slender Man with lightning or something.



  1. Madness seems to be catching like wild fire these days.

  2. And I'm sifting through the ashes of insanity.

    Now that I think about it, that would be a really kickass name for a death-metal band.