Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year

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So now the sun has set on our adventures in Austin, and I have returned to my home. The place is still empty, with Jason’s room untouched. I might use it for storage, if I ever get enough stuff that I need storage.

My inventory of Slender fighting tools at the moment consists of a tire iron, two remaining empty wine bottles which can be converted into molotovs, a replica sword (blunt edge, but can still be used as a club), three knives (only one of which was meant to be used on something other than food), and fireworks. Not the stockpile I’d have wanted in this, but it’s what I’ve got.

Since I haven’t done anything recently (Slendy looks to have given a small bit of a reprieve for most of us around the holiday season. So kind of him, giving us time off from noteworthy events during a period when we would be hard pressed to write about them.) so I felt I needed to try something. Nothing too fancy, just a little New Years prank to start me off on. I really liked my “burning the forest down” deal I’d done before, so I thought I should do an encore show. Seriously, why hasn’t anyone done this before? If he’s so powerful in forests, just remove the forests.

While my little college town lacks the vast quantities of forests and woods found at my suburban abode in Austin, there’s enough here for what I intended. I followed a park, until the trails gave way, and the park transformed into wilderness. With everyone else in the city distracted by their festivities and brightly colored explosives, there shouldn’t have been anyone else out there.

Just as I was preparing to light the rag on fire, and create a glorious New Years bonfire, a hand reached from behind me and snatched the bottle away. Instinctively, I reacted by turning around and swinging a fist at where I thought the hand had come from. It barely missed the face of a man who was standing behind me; a lucky miss for me, as the man was wearing a police uniform.

Because it was dark, I had a hard time making out the features of this police officer (waving a lighter in his face to get a better view was certainly not an option at that point, sadly), but I could get a general idea. Caucasian male, a couple of inches taller than me (likely around 5’11”, maybe 6 foot), light colored short hair, and very white teeth. I remember those teeth strongly, for some reason. In the dark, his grin seemed to shine unnaturally bright, like it was its own source of light. The smile wasn’t overtly threatening, but there was some mischief hidden in it, which his tone also had when he spoke.
“Now, doesn’t a kid like you have some kind of party to be attending tonight?” He said to me, while he poured the gasoline and oil out of the Molotov I’d made. “Besides, He wouldn’t like it if you burned another down, ya know?”
I could hear that capital H fall into place during his speech. No question there who he was referring to. Left me in a bit of shock, as that was not how I had been expected the events of that night to go down. By the time I finally caught up with what he had said, the policeman was already walking away, throwing the now empty bottle over his shoulder as he did. I ran after him, but he was soon swallowed by the night. This is the second time in this blog I wish artful flairs I put in here were embellishment, but from my perspective, it looked like blackness engulfed him. Maybe the fireworks being shot off on the horizon were just screwing with my night vision, so I just couldn’t follow whatever path he took out of that park. Or it could just be more Slenderfuckery. Either way, I’m pissed. Ruin my New Year celebrations? Now that’s just cruel! It shall now be my quest to discover the identity of this man, so I can express to him in full detail the extent of my disapproval towards his actions….



  1. An eco-friendly Slenderpuppet? That's a new one! Obviously Slendy and Smokey Bear are in cahoots.

  2. Never did like that Smokey. He keeps telling me that I'm the only one who can prevent forest fires. Like every forest fire we've had has been my fault, because I wasn't able to prevent it.
    God damn bear, putting all that responsibility on me....

  3. He just loves screwing with you, doesn't he?