Friday, January 28, 2011


I never once imagined that participating in a struggle against an ancient monster of doom and destruction would involve such a scheduled lifestyle. I wake up at 5 in the morning, do a 7-12 mile run, and then go to the horrible excuse for a weight room this apartment provides. The rest of my morning is spent doing research, either online or at the library. Judo classes are on Monday and Wednesday at 12, and karate is Tuesday/Thursday 12. I expect on the days I don’t have those classes, I’ll use that time for practicing on my own. After that, I either resume research, or start investigating Javert and the others who seem to be with him. Then I do a short 4 mile run at 6, followed by free time until I decide to sleep. Occasionally Slendy will spice things up a bit by playing Hide and Seek in the distance, or I may find myself being followed for several blocks by a random pedestrian, but otherwise the routine stays the same.

God damn, I never thought preparation would be so dull. I do most strongly desire a training montage to speed these things up.

But while I loathe the boredom, it has not been without result. Our boy Javert seems to have quite the history. Multiple commendations, a near perfect record, and glowing evaluations across the board. Heavily involved in the community, especially elementary level drug awareness programs. And word around the station is that the chief is grooming Javert to be his replacement when he retires. It’s almost hard to believe the man could possibly be a proxy for Slender Man, at least until you look at how he got where he is.

Four years ago, eight kids disappeared from the park they had been playing in. No one could figure out what happened to them, even after months of investigation. Then our Javert comes along, and gets put on the case. Within two weeks, he found and arrested a man who gave a full confession to kidnapping and then killing the kids. The man killed himself shortly after his guilty verdict, and Javert’s career and reputation soared to heights unfathomable before. The bodies of the children were never found.

There’s been much less success on Slendy. I know he was active previously, most famously in medieval Germany, but also in other past cultures. But there are huge gaps of inactivity. What caused that? Why would he go unseen for such long times? Maybe if I can figure out what causes him to stop, it might reveal a weakness…. Unless his motive for stopping is because he’s satiated his hunger for death….

Oh, and speak of the devil. It seems that Mr. Man is taking a stroll across the street. Looks to be heading for the river, and all the annoying sunbathers there. Should I leave him be, and laugh at whatever misery he causes them?
Nah, that doesn’t sound like fun. I’m getting my knife, and we’re going to see what happens.



  1. Good luck with the distraction ectectect.

    I'm currently trying to figure out the same thing, why did he suddenly STOP in Ireland just after the 70's?

    Why did he just suddenly STOP where you are is confusing too........

    Any sudden environmental changes? Maybe a forest burnt down or something along those lines...

    You know, I would kill to get my old schedule back. X-x

    Good luck,

    The Scientist

  2. I'm beginning to think that he didn't just stop activity here during the four year gap. It's just near impossible to find information on it. Looking through old records, we don't have any unsolved disappearances, because every time someone vanishes without a trace, Javert, or one of his people, makes an arrest which closes the case. And it's much harder to find information on open and shut cases than it is to find something on "spooky unsolved mysteries". Looking through records, there's been at least five more disappearances during those four years.

    That's also assuming the records are accurate; more than once, I've been referred to a document which is missing, or doesn't exist.

  3. ......Hmn.....Anything that the British National Library may be able to help with when I get back home?

    That does sound horribly coincidental.

    So, assuming that Les Mister Sinister is an Agent.....

    Urgh, this is why I hate people.

  4. Unlikely, unless the British National Library is hiding some ancient tome of knowledge detailing Slendy's weakness. Which would be great if it did, but somehow, I doubt it will.

  5. It's odd, viewing the conversations of those long gone.