Sunday, February 13, 2011

Breaking Out

Fun night.

For the entire night, I had been trying to spend the majority of time awake, having taken short naps through the day so that I could maintain some awareness. Sleeping also provided some relief from the pain; even with me reluctantly taking pain medicine, all I’ve accomplished was to take off some of the edge. But most importantly, I’d been preparing.

At exactly 1:11 AM last night, I heard the front door of my apartment unlock. One man entered, not one of Javert’s officers, but a man in ragged clothes, wearing a cheap white mask. He was holding only a knife; bit of a disappointment for me. I’d been hoping for something more exciting; my plans had been for multiple armed police officers, but if Slendy wanted to start this out easy, I could adapt.

This masked man ran straight towards my room, not bothering to look anywhere else to see if I was hiding. Just where I wanted him to be. Getting behind him wasn’t very difficult. As I’ve said before, the replica sword I own does not have a blade, but that does not prevent it from being used as a club. When I hit the back of his head, I could feel bone cracking underneath. Given how resilient the last proxy I killed was, I wasn’t going to waste time seeing if he was going to get up again, and went straight to knife work. Moving that much hurt; every time I stabbed down, I felt my muscles screaming at me. Every deep breath I had to take, my lungs burned. The pain mixed together with the adrenaline, with the expression of bliss as I felt his blood splatter across my cheek, into something greater, a feeling so amazing I can scarcely describe it. He struggled, but I was stronger. This one died easier than the last.

The instant the body stopped struggling, I felt Slender Man appear. He was in the center to my room, standing over the proxy I had killed, dozens of tentacles branching out from him. Also where I wanted him to be. He was making bold, purposeful strides towards me, tentacles stretching out to touch me. I ran out of my room, and he followed, seeming so confident, so sure that there was no need to teleport to catch me.

When he stood in the doorway, I busted out the fireworks I’ve had lying around for so long. There are many safe things to do with fireworks. Shooting them at a target ten feet in front of you is not one of them.

The moment I had lit the fuses, I ran for the now open front door. I heard, and felt, the explosions behind me as I was just going out. The heat was intense, adding even more to the pain I was feeling. I suffered some burns on the parts of my skin which were exposed; it would have been much worse had I not already been a foot outside when they went off.

Didn’t stop to see if the fireworks had worked, just kept running. Fire erupted from my apartment, and quickly started to spread across the building. The fire was larger than I had planned for; impossibly large. The fireworks on their own should not have been able to cause a fire which spread so quickly across a stone building, almost overtaking me as I ran down the stairs towards the parking lot.

There waited Javert’s police, staring slack jawed at the blaze consuming the building. To them, I looked like just a black silhouette against the fire. It also helped that their attention was diverted; whatever they had expected, explosions and fires had not been amongst them. It wasn’t until I running past them that I heard a shout of recognition, and by then I had already opened my car door and was starting to get inside. They scrambled like decapitated chickens; some started to get into their patrol cars, while others ran towards me. As I peeled out of the parking spot and towards the exit, I saw Porfiry amongst those running at me. I hit him with the passenger door as a way of saying goodbye.

Before I finally made it out of that lot, I saw Javert walk right into my car’s path. He wasn’t holding any weapon, or doing anything to force me to stop; all he did was stand there, staring directly at me. It looked like the perfect opportunity to get rid of him. Slam down on the accelerator, and run him down, crushing his tiny ribs underneath my tires.
But that stare…. Those blue eyes, illuminated by the flames…. “Looking through your soul” doesn’t begin to describe how much they pierced through me. Like I was nothing against him, just a tiny ant scurrying across the picnic table. There was no way I could resist those eyes….

At the last moment, I swerved away from him, causing my car to jump over a curb. Missed my best opportunity to kill the man, just because I was too weak. To add to the insult, he didn’t try to stop me as I drove the car back onto the street. He just smiled at me, and even waved a little, as I sped down the road.

There was a lot of anger in me then, but I still had to keep thinking straight. I’d just turned myself into a fugitive; my home burnt down, and the police likely pursuing me. Trying to escape in a car which they know I’m in would have been idiotic. New transportation was necessary, and I found it when I pulled over at a gas station.

The man who I hit repeatedly in the head with my sword may not have appreciated me taking his car, but I never heard him say any complaints, so I’m assuming it’s all good. I didn’t kill him, at least. Probably. Head wounds are hard to figure out. If he’s lucky, he’ll wake up sometime later, with the only side affect being suffering crippling migraines for the rest of his life.

Driving a stolen car around in public isn’t the best way to avoid attention, but it’s better than using my previous one. There were also some nice things in the trunk: jump cables, a first aid kit, and for some ridiculous reason, a paddle. Yes, just one. Hell if I know why he had it in his car.

I’ve driven back to Austin. This time, I’ll be staying downtown. My intent is that the police will have a harder time finding me, and Slender Man won’t be able to act as freely with so many people around. Thus begins my adventures as a homeless bum living downtown, on the run from police under the command of an eldritch abomination, and also likely from the regular police now that I’ve stolen a car. Fun adventures for us all.


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