Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Old Friend

Always good to see familiar faces, isn’t it?

Running to Austin was never intended to be a permanent solution. Running from Slender Man is never a permanent solution, really. But it did achieve its purpose, which was to get me from a horrible situation to a situation that’s only bad. I may still be the prey of a monster, but at least I don’t have Javert’s people surrounding my living space.

Speaking of Javert’s people, I think I should explain the familiar face I mentioned. You’ll never guess who I saw stumbling through the crowds of downtown Austin.
I’ll give you three tries.

Figured it out yet?

Our good friend, Porfiry!
Yes, it seems he’s decided to make the trip up to Austin, just for me! I feel so loved.
I saw him on Congress Avenue, near the capitol. Poor Porfiry wasn’t looking good when I saw him; even worse for wear than when I hit him with a car door. He was wearing the same clothes as when I last saw him, though much dirtier, with a few tears. His hair was a mess, and dark bags were hanging from under his eyes. He looked like he hadn’t slept or eaten in days.
But there was another thing about him, which caught my attention above all else. It was the way he moved. His movements weren’t like what they had been before; they reminded me of the proxy I’d killed by Javert’s house. Like a puppet, being pulled on strings. Porfiry jerked through the crowd, oblivious to the people he bumped aside. And his eyes…. They were completely blank. As though he wasn’t seeing anything around him; eyes like glass.

He didn’t seem to notice me when I saw him. His puppet gait was pulling him to another part of the city, away from me. Where to, I don’t know. But it’s a problem I’ll need to deal with.

On a less threatening tangent, I’ve done an inventory over what supplies I was able to bring with me. It comes down to:

1 Laptop (no charger, so its useable lifetime is limited)
1 Replica Sword
1 Kitchen Knife
1 Paddle (The purpose of it still eludes me)
3 Breakfast Bars
2 Bottles of Water
1 First Aid Kit
1 Set of Lock Picks
$320 Cash
1 Car

The money should last a while, as long as I don’t spend all of it on gas. I’m hoping that by the time I run out, I’ll have found a steady source of food, so I don’t have to starve. Finding a place to sleep would also be nice; I can’t spend every night in the car. It’s causing me all sorts of back pain and cramps. If I keep this up, I’ll be a cripple when I’m older.

Except I actually won’t, because I’ll be dead.



  1. ....you are one badass son of a bitch. I would NEVER trust you with my life, not even my dog's life, but I'd fight beside you.

  2. That's a compliment I can accept.
    Though I do feel hurt that you think I would harm your dog.
    I promise I would not harm your dog unless it was really, really necessary.

    Or really, really amusing.