Friday, February 4, 2011


God damn it’s cold here. I wake up there’s snow on the ground. This is Texas; the cold should be happening to other people, not us!

On the bright side, cold weather means no one goes outside unless they have to, which means this city is a ghost town. How I love to wander the deserted streets, my only companion the chilling wind which blows away all the refuse and human filth, leaving everything perfectly empty…. Not one human around me, just white snow, making everything look so new, so clean.

Then that faceless bastard went and ruined it all. Don’t know when he appeared, just that I was suddenly aware of a change around me. The wind became harsher, biting through my layers of clothes like they weren’t there. The sunlight dimmed; no clouds were covering it, the light coming from it seemed lessened, and the shadows around me seemed to lengthen. It’s impossible to determine the time which he appears, just the time which you become aware of him. Like something in the background suddenly appearing in the foreground.

His appearance lasted only a few moments, not long enough for me to do anything about him. He wasn’t looking at me, but at something behind me. After he vanished, I turned around to see just what it had been that had been so firmly holding Slendy’s attention. There was a man walking towards me, one of Javert’s crowd. Let’s call him Porfiry, as it’s been a while since I’ve thrown in such a reference. He’s a slightly balding man, with a figure that implies he’s hit the donut stand a few too many times. I’d never paid him much mind before, just seeing him as an errand boy for Javert.

I’ll spare the details of our conversation; if you want to imagine how Porfiry talks, just take the overly purple writing which I used at the start of this most exquisite work of blogging, and then read it in the most nasally and condescending tone imaginable. The entirety of his monologue was thus: Haha, pathetic fool, there is no way you can defy Mr. Slender’s great power. We can arrest you at any time so you should surrender now and make it easier on yourself, blah blah.
Though he used much larger words and a greater amount of filler. I believe he was expecting a response from me, so the poor man seemed mightily surprised when I walked away without a word. If Javert wants to arrest me, he should go ahead and try it. Having someone like Porfiry spout his babble is a waste of time.

If that was their next big move, I’ll be sorely disappointed. However, I doubt it was. I’m still unable to go out publically too much anymore, which has prevented me from attending self defense classes, or visiting the library. If nothing happens, I’m going to try something, but Javert doesn’t strike me as the type to waste an opportunity to take advantage of an opponent’s immobility. Neither does Slendy, though that may just be me trying to put a human personality on a distinctly unhuman thing.


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