Monday, February 7, 2011


I’m not sure if this post is going to get through. Internet’s been spotty today. All electronics have. It’s been causing me some degree of inconvenience.

It started last night with a dream. In it, I was lying in my bed. A normal situation, one which wouldn’t have tipped me off to this setting’s fictitious nature, but there were subtle differences. Chief amongst them was the slight feeling of weightlessness, like I was a push away from floating off into the air.

Fog filled this dream room of mine, but I could still somehow see clearly through it. There didn’t appear to be anything of note around me, apart from the fog, at first. Then I looked up at the ceiling. There he way, hanging like a black spider, looking down on me. I didn’t count how many limbs he had supporting him (certainly more than four), as my attention was being drawn to his face. I’ve always seen his face as blank, featureless. But this time there was a mouth. It stretched open, wider than a mouth should be able to, revealing rows of razor sharp teeth. My eyes were mesmerized by the image, but my hands still worked, and they grabbed the knife I’d hidden under my pillow. As my grip tightened on the handle, he dropped from the ceiling. I flung myself out of the bed, just getting off before he landed where I’d been. Black tentacles…. Arms…. Branches…. Whatever…. Lunged for me, forcing me to run for my door.

The moment I touched the handle, the setting changed around me. I wasn’t in my room anymore, but a hallway. The walls of the hall were grey, as was the floor and ceiling; even the air had a grey tint to it. This hallway didn’t have any visible beginning or end to it. A corridor of grey, stretching on forever. I walked along it for half an hour, but nothing changed. For an experiment, I cut a deep slash into the wall on my right with my knife, and started walking. No matter how fast I walked, even when I started running, the mark remained in the same position relative to me.

Of course it didn’t take long before Slender Man made his appearance. I could see him ahead of me, rapidly coming closer. He wasn’t even humanoid anymore, he had become a constantly shifting thing of darkness, only his face remaining constant. A good part of my mind was screaming in terror, shouting that I had to run from this thing barreling towards me. I shut it out as best I could; running wouldn’t help when you can’t move. I forced my legs to stay still, and grabbed my knife’s handle with both hands, in the hope it would keep my grip from shaking too much.

In seconds, he was in front of me. The blackness reached out from him, coming to envelope me, while his tooth filled mouth moved closer to my face. At that moment, I screamed, and lunged at him with my knife.

And then, I woke up. I was lying on the floor of my bedroom, next to a red puddle formed from the blood pouring out of my nose. My knife was next to me, covered in blood. It was dented, cracked, with large pieces of the blade gone. No longer useable, which leaves me with just two kitchen knives left.

My room had been completely trashed. The bookshelf was overturned, my clothes were scattered all over the floor, the overhead light was shattered, and my bed’s mattress had long slashes crisscrossing it.

Through my window, I looked down into the courtyard, where I could see Slender Man standing there, in his usual stately appearance. No writhing mass of darkness or rows of teeth, just a tall faceless man in a suit. He was holding something in his hand, which looked like a ball. It was still too dark outside for me to tell what it was.

Now that morning has come, I know what it was in his hand. Last night, one of the residents on the first floor was decapitated. His head was found in the courtyard. The police are all over the complex. Each one of them is someone who I’ve seen working with Javert. He himself is overseeing this, standing out in the courtyard, smugly smiling at my window.

I need to get out of here. But I can’t. The police are everywhere outside; if I try to leave, they’ll catch me. I need a plan, I need something. Some way to get out of this place.


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  1. It seems the hunt has commenced. I wish you luck (most likely in vain).