Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy News

Javert showed up at my door today.

At first I was prepared to fight, but then he dropped down to one knee, and pulled out a ring. It was there that he confessed his eternal love for me, and asked for my hand in marriage.
Of course I said yes.

We're going to be getting married in a small abandoned shed in the middle of the woods, with Slender Man presiding (little known fact, but Slender Man is an ordained priest). It's just going to be a small ceremony, with only close friends and family attending. Setoth has already agreed to be a flower girl.

For the honeymoon, we're thinking of Libya, or some other war torn nation where the two of us can spend hours just gazing into each others eyes as we slaughter thousands.

Sure, there's still disagreements about the nature of his job, but I'm positive true love will find a way. I just wish this happiness that I'm feeling could last forever!

Oh, Javert's calling! I'll be back soon.

And one last thing.

Happy April first.