Monday, April 4, 2011

Wherever Here Is


I’ve been using that word a lot lately. I never used to. I tended to avoid obscenities, feeling they were much too crass and uncultured. But now it seems to be the only thing which adequately describes my feelings.

Kal and Michenab screwed up whatever protection stuff Setoth had given them, and Slendy was starting to break through. So Setoth and I had to bail them out with Setoth magick.
Setoth again came up with the plan. What it boiled down to was, we were going to try to forcibly drag Slendy all around Austin. You see, we already knew that Setoth’s summoning ritual had some kind of effect on him; that was how Setoth got into this whole mess to begin with. So what Setoth wanted to do was to set up recordings of the ritual all over the city. They would activate and pull Slendy to that spot. His presence would cause the electronics in the recording to break, but by the time that would happen, the next recording would activate, and he would be pulled to someplace completely different. During that time, Kal and Michenab were to grab the girl and make a run for it.

The plan went amazingly smoothly. We set up each of the recordings sights and turned on all the devices without any interference. No proxies, no Slendy, nothing. Given how rare success is in our field of business, we naturally assumed that this meant something unspeakably horrible was happening on the Father of Light side. The two of us rushed back to Setoth’s apartment, where he called Kal. Kal reported that everything was fine; the instant we’d started the recordings, Slender Man had vanished. We suspected it might have been a trap, so Kal remained in contact with us through the escape. The atmosphere was tense as he told us that he’d grabbed the girl, and Michenab had gotten his car. Then we got word that they were driving away from the apartment, and still hadn’t seen any sign of Slendy. It sounded like victory; the summoning gambit had worked, allowing Kal and Michenab to escape.

Then Slender Man appeared in front of us. I had only a brief moment then, not long enough to act, barely long enough to think. All I felt was incredible rage emanating from the creature, directed at me. Then I blacked out.

When I woke up, I was here. Wherever here is.

It looks like Austin…. Kinda. The basic geography has remained the same; streets and buildings are where they should be. If you can call them the same streets and buildings. Last I checked, the buildings of Austin were not gigantic monoliths that stretched above the clouds. Seemed like a new feature.

I haven’t seen anyone since appearing here, not even Setoth. Everything is gray and quiet. I can shout, but there’s no echo; just my voice falling dead in the air. Even the sound of my footsteps is muffled. I don’t know where the light is coming from; there’s no sun in the sky. No shadows anywhere, not from the buildings, not from myself. Only a gray light, without any source or direction.

I tried entering one of the buildings, but the door was locked. So I tried breaking it down, but was thwarted by its unnatural resilience. All other doors proved similarly difficult to penetrate, and even the glass windows appeared invulnerable. So it would appear that I’m stuck here on these empty streets.

This, though, is par for course when dealing with Slendy. What confuses me is the WiFi. I’m still able to connect to the internet; hell, the connection here is better than the one at Setoth’s place. Now, excuse me for sounding paranoid, but I doubt Slendy would set up a router inside this place just for me. Which means that he’s not only fine with me connecting, but he wants me to be able to access the internet.

Beyond appearing in this place, there’s little else for me to talk about. Everything I’ve seen in here is static and boring. I’m going to be looking for a way out, as I would prefer not to spend the rest of my life in boring town.

There had better be a way out of here. I will be filled with an excessive amount of anger if there isn’t.



  1. ooooh, that sounds kinda unpleasant. are you sure you're really there, arky?

  2. Labyrinth? Different dimension?

  3. rot there, murderer. That's what happens when you deal with monsters.

  4. @Cynthy: Wish I could answer that.

    @Vasudha: Possibly. Or just my head being messed with. Slendy has so many different ways to screw with us, doesn't he?

    @zerosage: I love you too, bro.

  5. Don't worry, Arkady. Wherever you are, know that you're the most dangerous thing there (barring perhaps one tall fellow...).

  6. Arkady, I've been directed to your blog recently, by a certain Girl who shall remain nameless. At first, I thought we were kindred souls. Pretentious college students taking on literary pseudonyms. We even both have replica swords, and your writing style reminds me a bit of my other persona.

    However, I've just finished all of it. And I think now is the time for me to say that you are, without a doubt, the most despicable human being to ever have existed.

    I don't know how you've managed to free yourself of a conscience. Perhaps it's just my Christian background that makes me find you disagreeable, but I don't see how anyone could be as soulless as you. I'm surprised at how few people actually seem to be calling you out on this.

    People die. I'm aware of that. Especially around the Slender Man. And hell, you could maybe even make a case for euthanasia. Yes, that's it. You're saving all these proxies from themselves, and ending people's lives before the Slender Man does it for them. But that'd be a lie, wouldn't it? You relish this. You casually talk about taking multiple human lives, just to extend your own.

    Hell, I'm a pacifist, and I'm about ready to drive down to Austin, grab you by the throat, and strangle you for the greater good. I'm surprised Setoth hasn't attempted to off an asshole like you himself. After all, it'd be justified preemptive self-defense.

    I can't believe that I'm rooting for Javert (who I'm convinced is still alive). He may be batshit fucking insane, but at least he has a soul. He's definitely more in the right than you.

    And I just realized that I'm wasting my time typing this all out. After all, this is you I'm addressing. I'm sure I'll be met with no more than a secretive laugh and a "cool story, bro."

    I'd pray for your soul, Arkady, but the devil's a bit beyond redemption at this point.

  7. Going on the fact that your head could be messed with(which is so freaking unbelievable I mean what the hell is going on here? What IS this?)the monoliths might be houses, and the reason they where locked is because, well who in their right mind doesn't lock their door when they leave the house?

    I think you're more than capable of handling yourself though.

  8. @Jekyll You said "Yes, that's it. You're saving all these proxies from themselves, and ending people's lives before the Slender Man does it for them." To the best of my memory, he has murdered no more than one person, his old room mate. While he may have enjoyed it, it WAS euthanasia. He would have just gone insane anyways. It was for the best

    "but at least [Javert] has a soul." Proxies do not have souls. Proxies are no longer human. They are lifeless puppets being controlled by the Slender one.

    "[...] I'm a pacifist." Why are you still alive? This is Slender Man we are dealing with; its not a fucking school-yard brawl. Please clarify if I misunderstood the meaning of that sentence.

  9. @Tron: Actually, if we want to get technical....

    To date, I have thrown my roommate out a window, started a fire which destroyed a forest, caused thousands of dollars worth of property damage and wounded several people, attempted to burn down another forest, killed six proxies (one of which was a police officer), assaulted two civilians, stolen a car plus several wallets and other minor possessions, held a mother and child at gunpoint, and attempted to kill Porfiry several times (technically succeeding once, not that it helped).

    Just in case anyone was keeping score.

  10. @Tron: Javert appears to be, to use a phrase, and Agent. A human following the Slender Man of his own free will. He clearly has the capacity for rational, intelligent thought. A brain and the ability to think is, for all intents and purposes, a fucking soul.


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  12. You would almost be applauded for your work, but your inclusion of innocents is irreprehensible, Arkady.

    The entire point of our grim work is that the untainted innocents are sacred. Blood is to flow by our hands, so theirs remain unblemished.

    No wonder people are so scared of me now, you're out there performing some...sick, perversion of what I do.

    You need to die.

  13. @Arkady vile, but necessary. And you still only murdered once. Proxies don't count.

    @Jekyll Who's to say its not an illusion? Its like predetermination. Slendy has set what is going to happen and what Javert is going to do. To Javert, and to you, it may seem as though he has sort of free will and 'rational thought,' but that is hardly the case.
    And I would hardly call worshiping Slendy 'rational.'

  14. So what you're saying is that Slendy is speaking directly through Javert, and that Javert is simply a puppet with no free will of his own. When it's clearly been shown that the "puppets" don't even seem to have physical control over their own bodies. I just can't believe that Javert has no thought.

    Also, this:

    Oh, and by the way, Javert appears lucid, so I'd say that yes, he is rational. Maybe not sensible. Definitely not sane. Probably not logical. But rational.

    Also, the point is moot as 1. proxies are humans, not random humanlike figures that the Slender Man created himself and 2. even if you don't count the proxies, Mr. Pretentious Literary Reference here has killed a human being and shows no sign of remorse for it, proving that he is CLEARLY A FUCKING SOCIOPATH.

    No offense, Arky. Oh, wait, no. Offense.

  15. @Jekyll I am not arguing that he isn't a sociopath. He clearly is.
    Also, you seem to have missed my point.

    Have you ever heard of the (fairly stupid) theory that everything we do is predetermined? That it may SEEM like we have freewill, but everything we do is actually decided for us? Something along the lines of this:

    Well, I think that is how it is with Slendy (an imp in the story) and Javert (rational and has free-will)

    And at this point it is still just a matter of opinion, but I believe proxies are no longer human. The minute a human being agrees (or is forced) to serve the Slender one, they lose all of their humanity.

  16. Also, I quite enjoy his literary references, and even more so those that I don't get, because I get to distract myself from reality by researching them.