Saturday, April 2, 2011


A lot of stuff happened this week. Might be best if we give it a quick look over, to make sure everything’s in order.

-First, Kal saw a kid being kidnapped by Slendy right in front of him. This got Kal out of his whining, “Wah, wah, I’m being followed by a faceless embodiment of pure evil!” and made him want to join in the fight for GLORY.

-Kal got into contact with Setoth, asking for advice. Setoth came up with the theory that Slender Man might be related to the Astral Plane, and sent Kal in there. Kal didn’t find anything there, but did see some suspicious black forests of horror, although he could not enter those.

-Setoth then came up with a new theory, that Slendy was hiding out in some kinda weird place called “Oneiros”, which he claims is the Astral Plane’s reflection of the human subconscious and dream world. Kal and Setoth made a plan to go into Oneiros and find the boy whom Kal had seen taken.

-Now for the important part (the part where I’m included). While Setoth was in Oneiros, his body was vulnerable. So I had to play defense, and fight off anyone who came after us. Which they did. Thus I smote Slender Man’s entire legion of proxies singlehandedly.

-After my glorious battle, Setoth found himself forced back into the physical world, leaving Kal all by his lonesome in Oneiros.

-Then comes the twist, for while we were waiting for word from Kal, the next post on Father of Light was from Michenab (You know, Kal’s roommate. The one who thus far had absolutely no connection to Slendy whatsoever). You see, Michenab had come home to find an unconscious Kal next to a girl who had been kidnapped recently. Conclusions were jumped to, and Michenab grabbed the girl and ran out.

-Finally, we got word from Kal, detailing the adventure he had in Slenderworld. He tried to get in contact with Michenab, and convince him that his being found with a missing child was totally the fault of a supernatural creature and not him.

-Somehow, Kal talked Michenab into meeting. No clue how he pulled that off. Anyways, when Michenab went off to speak with Kal, he met a certain special someone. You see, it seems that Slendy doesn’t like it when people play with his food. Poor Kal, now he’s dragged his roommate into this as well.

-Michenab took the girl back to Kal’s place. Setoth got into contact with them, and recommended some weird ritual thing he claims would protect them for a while, which they did.

Which brings us to present day. Setoth’s been staying in contact with Kal; so far they haven’t seen Slendy, which Setoth takes as proof that the ritual is working, but meh, I’m skeptical. The last two times Setoth tried setting up magkical protection it didn’t work.

Haven’t seen Javert or Porfiry since that night; if I’m lucky, Porfiry’s dead. But I’ve learned to not leap to such conclusions where Porfiry is concerned. Going over the damage they did to me…. Well, I’m having to learn first aid pretty fast. As I mentioned before, my left shoulder was dislocated, and had to be popped back into place. That was also the shoulder which Porfiry bit, which I had to stitch up myself (stitching a recently dislocated shoulder is among the more painful things I’ve had to do in recent history). My nose had also been broken, and also had to be moved back into place. Plus I’ve got four scars going right across my face, where Porfiry clawed me. Deep, red scars; this wasn’t just a few scratches. The man would have clawed me to the bones if I’d given him the chance. It gave me some interesting looks at the store when I bought Setoth two bottles of absinthe (One to replace the bottle I’d used as a Molotov, and the other to replace the bottle I’d used to sterilize stuff while I had been fixing myself. Usually I’d ignore his complaints about me using his things, but I figured he’d earned it this time.)

So that’s how I spent my week. Now we wait to see how Slendy responds….



  1. Dear Arkady,

    I call it off. You're honestly better than me, and frankly I need to do something with my life other than viciously murder the shit out of random people.

    Slender Man

    How's that for a response?

  2. You sure curse a lot for a lawyer, Mr. Glassman.

  3. I am positive that you have perfectly emulated Slender Man's exact response, Sir Glass Man, esquire.

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